Best 7 Must-Visit Leisure Spots in Lagos.


Exploring these top leisure spots in Lagos not only provides relaxation and entertainment but also offers insights into the rich cultural tapestry and natural beauty of the region.

Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, these destinations are sure to enrich your experience of Lagos, making it a city you’ll want to explore again and again.

7 Top Leisure Spots in Lagos

1. Omu Resort

Leisure Spots in Lagos
Omu Resort

A world of limitless adventure at OMU RESORT, a haven of excitement and wonder that has captivated hearts since 2014.

Nestled in a peaceful neighborhood, the 22-hectare resort is bound to the north by the imposing clear waters of OMU CREEK. Following our first nine years of blazing the trail, we are excited to introduce our new season with thrilling additions and attractions.


  • The Pendulum Ride (The Monster): Experience the exhilaration of this gravity-defying ride that sends you soaring to new heights and plunging to breathtaking lows. It’s an adventure you won’t forget.
  • Splash Pad: This aquatic playground invites guests of all ages to dance among sprays and fountains, offering refreshing fun and endless joy.
  • Rainbow Slide: A beautiful, colorful slide that promises endless laughter as you descend through a spectrum of hues.
  • Electric Scooters and Hoverboards: Explore the resort in a futuristic way, discovering hidden gems and enjoying the scenic beauty.
  • Dinosaur Alley: Walk among life-sized, animatronic dinosaurs that transport you back in time, igniting wonder and fascination with the prehistoric world.
  • Newest Animal Additions: Meet our gentle giraffes and mighty gorillas, new members of the OMU RESORT animal family, adding to the diversity of our wildlife attractions.

Leisure Spots in Lagos

OMU RESORT continues to be a place where every visit is a new adventure, combining natural beauty, thrilling rides, and fascinating encounters with history and wildlife. Come and experience the magic that has made OMU RESORT a beloved destination for nearly a decade.

2. Lekki Conservation Centre

Leisure Spots in Lagos
Lekki Conservation Centre

Situated in Lagos, Nigeria, the Lekki Conservation Centre fondly known as LCC is an incredible recreational and ecological haven that attracts both tourists and environment lovers. This verdant expanse, spanning 78 hectares, captures the spirit of Africa’s biodiversity and natural splendor.

The preservation and restoration of Nigeria’s distinctive flora and fauna is the main goal of the Lekki Conservation Center. It is an essential component of the wetland ecology, providing refuge for migratory and resident bird species alike.

One of the center’s highlights is the 401-meter-long canopy walkway—known as the longest in Africa—which allows guests to walk across raised platforms that pierce the peaceful canopy of trees. The breathtaking vistas provide a close relationship with the natural world.

Where is Lekki Conservation Centre Located?

Located in the Lekki Peninsula neighborhood of Lagos, Nigeria, the Lekki Conservation Centre is a hidden gem that should not be missed. This natural sanctuary, which can be found in southwest Nigeria, is proof of how well nature and urban life can coexist.

Entering Lekki Conservation Centre will immerse you in a world of verdant foliage and wild, uncharted territory. Only a short distance away is the energetic center of Lagos, with its bustling marketplaces and exciting streets. But as soon as you enter the reserve, the bustle of the city fades away and you are thrust into a calm and serene world.

What to do at Lekki Conservation Centre.

Lekki Conservation Centre is a must-visit location for nature lovers and adventure seekers because it provides a wide variety of tourism activities. What you can do at this fascinating nature reserve is as follows:

  1. Canopy Walkway: Take a breath-taking stroll along the famous 401-meter canopy walkway, the longest in Africa, to start your journey. It provides a bird’s-eye perspective of the verdant trees and the chance to see a variety of wildlife.
  2. Nature Trails: Take a stroll along the well-kept paths that meander through the reserve to get a close-up look at Nigeria’s various ecosystems. Keep an eye out for local wildlife and vegetation.
  3. Birdwatching: Lekki Conservation Centre is a sanctuary for those who enjoy birdwatching. Bring a camera and binoculars to see a variety of bird species. The elevated platforms provide excellent viewpoints.
  4. Picnicking: In the assigned picnic spot, take pleasure in a leisurely picnic with loved ones. It’s the ideal place to relax and take in the scenery.
  5. Observing Wildlife: Look out for local fauna such as colorful butterflies, crocodiles, monitor lizards, and mona monkeys. The personnel at the center are able to respond to your inquiries and offer insights.
  6. Environmental Education: The Lekki Conservation Centre has an environmental education centre where you may find out about the significance of conserving Nigeria’s natural heritage and about conservation activities.
  7. Photography: Use your camera to capture the reserve’s breathtaking scenery. Great photo opportunities are provided by the varied flora and fauna in addition to the stunning environment.
  8. Rest: In the peaceful surroundings, give yourself a moment to unwind and revitalize. It is the ideal spot for introspection and meditation because of the peaceful surroundings.
  9. Children’s Playground: The children’s playground area is a nice place for youngsters to play if you are traveling with them.
  10. Shopping: Pick up mementos and contribute to conservation efforts by stopping by the gift shop.

Lekki Conservation Centre is a one-stop shop that offers everything from adventure to leisure, making it the perfect spot to take in Nigeria’s natural beauty and establish a connection with the country’s species and ecosystems. Check out the most recent changes and alternatives for guided tours to ensure an entirely immersive experience.

3. Nike Art Gallery

Leisure Spots in Lagos
Nike Art Gallery

Nike Art Gallery is an art gallery in Lagos, Nigeria owned by Nike Davies-Okundaye. The gallery is one of the largest of its kind in West Africa, it boasts a collection of about 8,000 diverse artworks from various Nigerian artists like Chief Josephine Oboh Macleod. The gallery is housed in a five-story building.

Nike Monica Okundaye is the Owner/Curator of the Nike Art Galleries at Lagos, Oshogbo, Ogidi-Ijumu and Abuja. In 1996, Nike established a textile (Aso-Oke) weaving center in Ogidi-Ijumu near Kabba in Kogi state for the women of the village, employing and empowering more than 200 women at the center.

In June 2002, Nike established an Art and Culture research center in Piwoyi village, FCT Abuja with an art gallery and textile museum – the first of its in Nigeria. The center provides a functional platform for research into Nigerian traditional textile industry in the Federal Capital Territory are of Abuja.

Leisure Spots in Lagos

In furtherance of these noble endeavors, Nike is currently the Managing Director and Founder of the following organizations in Nigeria: Nike Art Productions Limited, which she incorporated in 1994; Nike Art Gallery Limited, which she incorporated in 2002.

Also in 2007, Nike founded the Nike Art & Culture Foundation with some notable and eminent Nigerians as trustees. The main aim and objective of the foundation is fostering Nigerian cultural heritage.

4. New Afrika Shine

Leisure Spots in Lagos
New Afrika Shine

The New Afrika Shrine is an open air entertainment centre located in Ikeja, Lagos State. It serves as the host location of the annual Felabration music festival.

Fela Shrine. Also known as the new Afrika Shrine, The Fela Shrine is a tourist attraction centre located on Lagos Mainland. Lagos is very expensive, but the Shrine is reasonable and is one of the BEST attractions in Lagos.

5. Ilashe Beach Resort

Leisure Spots in Lagos
Ilashe Beach Resort

Ilashe Beach is one of the luxurious beach resorts in Nigeria. Ilashe private beach is the perfect weekend getaway, due to its location, exclusivity and privacy. It is one of those hidden treasures in Lagos specially made for the rich and wealthy.

Ilashe beach is truly a paradise on earth and a hidden haven for the rich who own some of these beach houses where they silently come to have fun. Ilase Beach is a quiet beach with a serene environment in Lagos state. The beach is surrounded with attractive palm trees and huts.

The beach also has speedboats that transport people to various places. it is very safe to have a boat ride because these boats have life jackets. Ilase Beach is located at the South-West part of Nigeria. This region has just two seasons which are the dry and rainy seasons.

The rainy season comes from the month of May till early August while the dry season comes from the month of October till April. Usually, between the month of December and February Harmattan come along.

Best Features
  • Boat riding and the serene feel of the beach.
  • There are a host of things to do here as the mall has many stores of different variety. Guests can go shopping in shops that sell clothing material, eat at restaurants, go clubbing at clubs and lounges in the mall, get gift items, get health and beauty products, buy electronics or even make transactions in the banking hall.
Best Time To Visit
  • Best time to visit the beach is during the weekend when there are a lot of families around to have a good time.
Who Can Visit
  • Couples, singles and those looking for a good time.
  • This is a very safe location to be.

6. Badagry Heritage Museum Nigeria

Leisure Spots in Lagos
Badagry Heritage Museum Nigeria
Museums, Art and Culture

Badagry Heritage Museum is a museum in Badagry, Nigeria that is housed in the District Officer’s Office built in 1863 by the British colonial government.

The Badagry Heritage Museum in Badagry is a one storey building that houses the artifacts, records and culture of the Badagry people. Objects in this museum date back to pre-slave era, slave era and post slave era.

The people of Badagry wanting to keep their heritage intact and as a reminder of what happened in their town decided to resist huge buyouts of some of the things they hold dear and have instead decided to put in this museum items that are unique, old and valued historically.

Leisure Spots in Lagos

At the museum, the tour guide will take you on a trip through 8 galleries all named for different periods of the slave era. From capturing slaves to chaining them to sending them abroad to abolishment laws to slaves returning back to Badagry.

The museum is very rich in culture, information and history. The heritage museum is a must visit if you are looking to see a part of the African Origi Origin.  It is often said that the African story did not begin with slaves and this museum shows it. You will find the culture & records of the people who inhabited Badagry long before the setllers came and changed everything.

7. La Vella Lagos

Leisure Spots in Lagos
La Vella Lagos
Exclusive Late-Night Luxury Experience

La Vella Lagos offers an exclusive late-night luxury experience that captures the essence of sophistication and excitement. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Ultralounge: Enjoy an upscale, chic atmosphere perfect for relaxing and socializing in style.
  • Dinner Show: Savor exquisite cuisine while being entertained by captivating performances, making your dining experience truly memorable.
  • World-Class Entertainment: Indulge in top-tier entertainment, featuring performances from renowned artists and entertainers, ensuring a night of unparalleled enjoyment.
  • Highlight: Wahalaoween is a unique and exciting Halloween celebration that blends traditional spooky themes with vibrant Nigerian fits.
  • Wahalaoween offers a one-of-a-kind celebration that promises fun, frights, and unforgettable memories.
  • Spooky Festivities: Experience classic Halloween elements with a twist, including eerie decorations, costume contests, and themed activities.
  • Cultural Fusion: Enjoy a blend of Nigerian traditions and Halloween customs, featuring local music, dance, and food.
  • Festive Entertainment: Dance the night away with live performances from local artists, DJs, and entertainers.
  • Wahalaoween offers a one-of-a-kind celebration that promises fun, frights, and unforgettable memories.

LaVella Lagos is where luxury meets nightlife, creating an unforgettable experience for all who visit.

Leisure Spots in Lagos


Conclusively, Lagos a vibrant and dynamic city, offers an array of leisure spots that cater to diverse interests and provide unforgettable experiences

From the serene beaches of Ilashe to the cultural richness of Nike Art Gallery, and from the thrilling rides at Omu resort to the tranquil beauty of Lekki Conservation Centre, each destination promises a unique adventure.

The New Afrika Shrine brings the arts and Nigerian cuisine to the forefront, while Badagry museum offers a historic and cultural retreat.

The Omu Resort combines luxury with nature, providing a perfect escape from the bustling city life. And Lastly Lavella Lagos showcasing the exotic and luxury night life of the city.