A Perfect Lagos Island Christmas : What To Expect.

Photo by EKATERINA BOLOVTSOVA @ pexels.com

Lagos Island is known to be the entertainment hub of Lagos state especially during the Christmas season.

With its horde of world class recreational facilities and pricy high end residential areas, it is easily the most attractive part of the city of Lagos.

Such a magnificent centre of commerce and trade, little wonder why all the famous multinational companies prefer their Nigerian head offices to be located on Lagos Island.

Power is stable, so is the network for mobile network providers. There are fantastic gyms and great shopping malls, cinemas and art galleries, wildlife reservation centres and well equipped hospitals, top notch (bespoke) dining and lodging facilities.

Lagos Island is known for all things exciting, luxurious, and fun. Lifestyle and travel magnet of Lagos State, the island is bubbly all year round especially at X-mas.

Looking to indulge in the Lagos Islander’s ideal X-mas? From big lights to even bigger crowds, prepare to get into the groove of the season. Here’s what to expect — a tropical Xmas few.

Ajose Adeogun – Photo Credit: arbiterz.com

Christmas lights and decorations to make you swoon

Been to the Ajose Adeogun Street roundabout, yet? You’ll find the biggest show of Christmas lights and decorations there.

Organised by Zenith Bank as part of its annual Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, you’ll be transported to the Christmas wonderland of your dreams.

Lekki Sports Paintball – Photo Credit: tripadvisor.com
Lekki Conservation Centre – Photo Credit: ferinajo.com

Sports and Gaming Activities to Excite

Hiking and paintballing have become the rave of the season. Feel alive and enjoy the occasional rush of adrenaline as you visit Lekki Sports Paintball and Lekki Conservation Centre for their positively exhilarating activities.

The Palms Lekki – Photo Credit: tripadvisor.com

Shopping Extravaganza

What kind of Christmas holiday would it be without shopping? Whether you are shopping alone or with loved ones, Lagos Island will not disappoint.

With the best of malls, boutiques, shopping complexes and model markets available — you can literally shop till you drop.

Laquatic Water Park – Photo Credit: laquatic.com
The Good Beach – Photo Credit: goodbeachlagos.com

Beaches and Boat Cruises

You can thank Lagos Island’s proximity to the Atlantic Ocean for this. Blessed with many beaches, water activities are a must.

For boat rides, kayaking, controlled fishing, swimming — Laquatic Water Park, The Good Beach, and other hot spots exist for your Lagos Christmas water fun enjoyment.

Filmhouse Cinemas IMAX – Photo Credit: filmhouseng.com

Movies Unlimited

All over the world, Christmas movies are a fantastic way to spend the holiday. Lagos Island is no exception.

With Cinemas and Film houses studded here and there (Filmhouse Cinemas IMAX at Lekki Phase One is a good place to start), your traditional Christmas is well on its way.

The Wheatbaker Lagos

Luxury Lodgings — The Hype

Having spent all year living from home, most Lagos Islanders prefer to spend Christmas away from their homes (for the variety and spice that it offers).

The appeal for luxury hotels and resorts triple beyond measure. From Ikoyi to Lekki, staycation choices abound.From the point of view of our boutique hotel in Ikoyi Lagos, Lagos Island seems to be the ideal destination for the best tropical Christmas in Nigeria.

With all of the attraction of New York City and none of the mainland hassle, expect absolute perfection this special holiday season.