Detty December in Lagos

Detty December in Lagos
Lagos is undoubtedly one of the best destinations to enjoy December festivities in Nigeria. Packed with vacationing returnees, adventurous foreigners, holidaying locals — the city is always bubbling with excitement.
Parties, raves, concerts, performances and shows become the norm as people from all dimensions ready themselves to pack their travel bags and unwind after working hard throughout the year.
Settle down and let loose, tourism organisations scream. December is here again, and we will deck the halls with joy.

Detty December!
Detty December!
Detty December!

Detty December in Lagos
All enjoyment activities that characterise the special December season, this is what Detty December is all about. Not a moment to spare, nothing left to chance (for fear of boredom rearing its dull head) — Lagosians continuously fill their hours with fun things to do and places to go, from dawn till dusk.
Honestly, we couldn’t agree more.
What’s December without activities that spread happiness and cheer? Shouldn’t the most magical time of the year be spent doing the most enjoyable things?
More than just endless partying and event hopping — to our boutique hotel in Lagos, Detty December symbolises wholesome merriment and thorough gratification. December experiences with us are carefully crafted to ease guests into the richness and abundance of the season. Resplendent with pleasures that come from being well nourished by premium cuisine, surrounded by plush upholstery, pampered by expert hands, electrified by iconic entertainment — Detty December at our luxury hotel in Lagos is curated to perfection. It is an excellent opportunity for families and friends to indulge without inhibition, meaningfully. No one is burned out (no, none of such disadvantages). Rather, all are inspired and primed to face the coming year.
How do you like your December, then?
What sort of amusement do you seek?
Perhaps you should consider a Detty December in Lagos. We assure you, it is definitely worth the hype.
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