Enjoying the city of Lagos – truly

With the lofty season of early lunches and late dinners almost upon us (Easter), the question of what to do in this mega city of ours must plague the minds of locals and tourists, alike. Yet in these travel aware times, knowing what to do or the best places to visit cannot matter so much as the knowledge of thorough enjoyment of them (especially for lengthy stays).
Enjoying the city of Lagos - truly
Largest city in Nigeria and most populous city in Africa – with its vibrant people, electric night life, booming industry of luxury and all things fine – Lagos definitely inspires more than just poetic words and familiar experiences. Indeed, there is more to it (infinitely more) than has met many a travel blogger’s experienced eye.

“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail”

Lagos Getaway Spot
With travel (the quote above in mind), charting your own course can help enhance and transform experiences for profound enjoyment. It is possible to visit the same place severally and still find new ways to have a great time – mind over destination, really. So while the Greeces and Romes of the world are enjoyed by many, in Lagos, we urge you to become inspired.
Visit every destination with the intention to craft new experiences from nothing but an open mind. Go where the wanderlust may sensibly lead, and the many joys of traveling will find you.
Welcome to Lagos.