Helpful Tips To Know Before Coming To Lagos

A lot of people might wonder if they could live in Lagos, one of Africa’s financial power centres, which is the largest city in Nigeria and arguably the most populous city on the African continent after kinshasha in Congo with an estimated population of about 15 million as of 2022, because they cannot comprehend the lifestyle (for me, it’s the best). Lagos is busting with music legends and young kings in making, spicy rice amidst other mouth-watering flavours, and sleepless nights so,(According to Neeta, 2019) if you are coming into Lagos for a while, probably on a job or just visiting, and the following adaptable personality traits can make you adjust to the nature of Lagos (until you fall in love and never leave).

1. Be Alert

Lagos is known for its busy and noisy lifestyle. Before you head out of your home make sure your sense organs are active. Observe the activity of people around you and don’t lose focus of your destination. Take note of streets and bus stops, most times the bus stops and streets have different names.

2. Be Sharp:

To cope in Lagos, this is very basic. This is next to being alert. Sharpness is the way you react to a sudden occurrence.

3. Be Bold

In Lagos, you don’t have to be shy or act all reserved (keep that at home). Boldness in this context means to ask for directions if confused about your whereabouts, remind the bus conductor (for those that choose to go by public transport) the bus-stop you are heading to. Feel free to ask for your balance as often as you remember it before you alight.

4. Be Smart

This simply means to exhibit the social ability of cleverness. Don’t act like a JJC (Johnny Just Come) even if you are one. Ask questions from home to get the slightest idea about your destination. Smartness entails how you present yourself.

5. Be Sociable

You cannot be an island in Lagos. Greet people around you especially on the route you frequently take out. Remember, that Akara (bean cake) woman you usually greet will notify you of a dropped wallet.