Elevating Return On Experience (ROE) In Luxury Hotels


Generally, Return on Experience is simply a way to measure experience — specifically, the experience clients have with a brand, product, or service.

It is a special kind of metric, a way to get a sense of client loyalty (knowing that people will only be loyal to a brand that takes superb care of them).

We understand that Luxury hotels cater to discerning guests who seek exceptional experiences that go beyond mere accommodation, definitely expected in an industry where client satisfaction is paramount.

With the focus on experience growing enormously (especially in these times where value has become everything), exploring key strategies that luxury hotels could employ to elevate ROE seems only mandatory. If growth is the goal, anyway.

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Improving Return on Experience Through Personalised Luxury Experiences

Personalisation lies at the core of luxury hospitality. Luxury hotels must invest in understanding their guests’ preferences, desires, and expectations.

By collecting comprehensive guest profiles, including past stay information, dietary restrictions, and personal preferences, hotels can curate tailor-made experiences.

From personalised greetings to bespoke amenities, customised itineraries, and specialised services, personalised luxury experiences create a deep sense of exclusivity and foster long-term loyalty.

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Design and Aesthetics

Luxury hotels are renowned for their exquisite design and attention to detail. Every aspect of the hotel’s physical environment, from architecture to interior decor, should reflect the brand’s identity and evoke a sense of luxury.

By creating a sensory journey, luxury hotels immerse guests in an atmosphere of elegance and refinement, elevating their experience to new heights.

Exemplary Service and Staff Training

Luxury hotels must uphold the highest standards of service excellence. Staff members should possess impeccable grooming, professionalism, and refined interpersonal skills.

Thorough training programs should focus on anticipating guests’ needs, understanding cultural nuances, and delivering personalised service.

Luxury hotels must empower their staff to go above and beyond, ensuring that every interaction leaves a lasting impression of attentive care and warm hospitality.

return on experience, Luxury Hotels, ROE, The Wheatbaker Lagos
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Gastronomic Excellence

Culinary experiences are an integral part of luxury hotel stays. To elevate ROE, luxury hotels must offer exceptional dining options that showcase creativity, innovation, and quality.

Employing renowned chefs, embracing farm-to-table concepts, and integrating local flavours into the menu are key strategies.

Allowing guests indulge in memorable culinary journeys further enhances their overall experience.

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Exclusive Amenities and Wellness

Luxury hotels can provide a range of exclusive amenities and wellness offerings to cater to the holistic needs of their guests.

From lavish spas and fitness centres equipped with cutting-edge equipment to personalised wellness programs and immersive wellness retreats, these amenities ensure guests can rejuvenate and relax during their stays. These add an extra layer of luxury and exclusivity.

return on experience, Luxury Hotels, ROE, The Wheatbaker Lagos
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Unforgettable Experiences

The focus on crafting unforgettable experiences that guests will cherish long after their stay should be deepened.

This can include organising bespoke tours to local attractions, arranging special celebrations or surprises, or offering unique activities tailored to guests’ interests.

Collaborations with local artisans, designers, or artists can provide guests with access to exclusive events and workshops, allowing them to immerse themselves in the destination’s culture and create lasting memories

In the realm of luxury hotels, elevating Return on Experience (ROE) is paramount to success.

By continually seeking innovation and excellence, luxury hotels can elevate ROE, setting new standards in the industry and providing guests with unparalleled experiences that resonate for a lifetime.