How to plan for the best December in Lagos


Admittedly, there’s something utterly magical about making December plans. Even though there is so much to consider (where to begin and how to proceed), getting into the mood of the season cannot be helped.

Like paper to glue, we’re sucked into the whirlwind of lists and never ending to-dos (coming up for air when we are able).
Planning for a December in Lagos Nigeria? Now that’s another kettle of fish.

Family themed and movement oriented, angling for the best December in Lagos can be more daunting than enjoyable (beehive of activities, that the city is).

Music is at its loudest, events at their rowdiest, and vendors bombard our senses (their offers so many).

With so much to do, see, choose from — it can be a little like going to sea for the first time and encountering a storm. Sea legs, anyone?

Settle down and let loose, tourism organisations scream. December is here again, and we will deck the halls with joy.

Our Art inspired boutique hotel has a few creative ideas on how to plan for the best December in Lagos. This year, we suggest aiming for an individual December — and why not?

You definitely want a December that is yours to enjoy, tailored to specific tastes and needs. Inspired as we are to consistently make the lives of our guests better (in every way), here is our guide on planning for the best (individual) December in Lagos.

1. Fix your mindset

If you’re going to be planning for December, you have to get into the groove of the season (set the tone). It is the only way to enjoy the process and get creative juices flowing.

Forget your worries and be carried away by the magic of December. Listen to Christmas songs, involve your loved ones, enjoy a favourite drink (or two) as you relax and think on all the fun you intend to have.

This is a great place to begin December plans — yes, a place of comfort and ease.

2. Identify your touch points

What aspects of life do you wish to nourish this December? The body? Intellect? Spirit?

What parts of you have been ignored all through the year? Would you like to pay attention to them now? Is it nutrition? Have you been indoors mostly and would like to be outdoors this December? Take inventory and make a list of these touch points.

3. Identify means of servicing touch points.

If your touch point is pampering your body, you would definitely be looking to spend some of your December time in spas or lodged in luxury hotels.

The means to service your body pampering needs will then include transportation (how to get to your spa or luxury hotel destination), lodging, outfits, miscellaneous. Write them down.

4. The Lagos Budget

December is an expensive month so you must understand your money and get a solid grip on your expenses.

How much do you have?
How much can you spare for the holidays?
Set your budget (identify the amount you wish to spend).

5. Appropriate

Allocate the budget to the identified touch points and means to service them. This is where most of the work lies. You’d have to do some research and make a few calls.

Find out the cost of servicing each touch point and see if your budget can work. Cut down expenses to fit your budget by taking a one destination fits all approach to your planning or simply just choosing a collection of affordable means.

Check for offers and book ahead where necessary. Keep adjusting the plan until your budget and means align. Go with the flow when all is sorted.

As the most iconic boutique hotel in Nigeria, planning for the best December in Lagos begins and ends with us.

Zero pressure and all of the pleasure, we’ve got what you need to focus on all of you this season. We’ll pamper your body, feed your soul, and engage your spirit.

Happy December!

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