The Wheatbaker Art Collection

Shelter II, 2013, Limited Edition Inkjet Print, 39 x 52 cm

“I do love street art, murals, some graffiti art that I see happening. I enjoy the fact that it is ephemeral up to a point, that it can’t be owned, framed, hung up on a wall. I am turning my objects and mural work into limited edition prints, but the original will never be “owned”. The original will have its own life: it will go back on the road, the building will get re-developed.”

Polly Alakija
Polly Alakija

Polly Alakija

Polly Alakija was born in the United Kingdom in 1966 and moved to Nigeria in 1989. Between 2005 and 2011 she was based in South Africa. She now works from her studio in Lagos. Her work is included in numerous private collections in the USA, UK, France, Nigeria and South Africa and in several corporate collections. Recently she painted the pillars of the fly-over bridge at Falomo
round-about in Ikoyi, Lagos, which was a highlight of the Lagos at 50 art installations created across the city. Polly’s work has progressed over the years from being almost completely abstract
towards works that are increasingly figurative. Her monumental and accessible images lend themselves to public spaces. She is increasingly engaged in community and educational programs in an effort to promote a broad art platform reaching a diverse audience.