Anuoluwa Owoade

Anuoluwa Owoade

Spa Receptionist
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Can we meet you?
Hi, my name is Anuoluwapo Owoade, and I'm a spa receptionist.
Are you an introvert or extrovert?
I'm an ambivert, a mix of both. I enjoy socializing, I love interacting with clients and making them feel welcome, but also value my alone time.
Tell us the most interesting thing for you about your job.
I enjoy learning about different therapies and treatments and also helping clients choose the perfect experience for their well-being.
Are you a party person?
Not fully, I party once in a while to keep body and soul, yunno.
Do you believe in the power of networking?
Yes, building relationships is essential in providing exceptional services.
What is your favorite color?
Yellow, it's bright and uplifting and represents sunshine and happiness.
Who is your best African artist?
Adekunle Gold, his voice and fusion of highlife and R&B is inspiring.
Who is your best foreign artist?
Adele, her voice is soothing and soulful.
First class or business class?
First class, please! I love the luxury and extra pampering.