Bolaji Tomori

Bolaji Tomori

Assistant Food and Beverages Manager
Bolaji Tomori
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You’re one of the newest members on board, how has the journey been thus far for you?
So far so good, it has been interesting and challenging as well.
Is the shoe too big for you or you’re fitting in just fine?
It's comfortable and feels right for me, so I would say the shoe fits just fine for me though it comes with lots of challenges and it is as anticipated. Have been able to contribute effectively to the team and take on responsibilities with confidence, I am continuously learning and growing in the role.
Is the culture here different from what you’re used to, if yes, what is it and why or how is it different?
Yes, the culture at The Wheatbaker is different from what I'm used to, but in a positive way. Here, the emphasis is on the great services rendered because that’s what the Wheatbaker is known for and there’s attention to detail, also, I appreciate the focus on teamwork and collaboration here, and the supportive environment helps me thrive in my role as an assistant manager.
⁠What is fun for you?
Soccer, I love to watch and play it.
⁠What do you do for fun?
Spending quality time with my loved ones is fun for me.
If you’re to pick any one meal in the whole world to eat forever, what would it be?
Chicken Alfredo.
What is it like to work with a female boss?
It’s been rewarding because I get to learn more about the job as she is a good communicator because she carries me along on every decision she makes also she motivates and inspires me a lot. She is a very good listener and she’s been supportive.