Ebunoluwa Abiodun

Ebunoluwa Abiodun

Maintenance Manager
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Can we meet you?
I'm Ebunoluwa Abiodun, the Maintenance Manager at The Wheatbaker Hotel, Lagos. I joined the Wheatbaker family in September 2019.
Share with us the most exciting thing about you
I'm a very jovial person and I find it easy to create a rapport with everyone including strangers. Also, it can be said that I am a funny person.
Tell us some of your work rules that are also applicable to your life
I have an eye for detail which is a requirement for my role as a maintenance manager. In my personal life, I'm also quick to envisage problems and proffer solutions.
Are you an introvert or extrovert?
Ambivert please, I just adapt to where I find myself.
What is that thing you can not do without?
God & Family. No one survives without God, and family is essential.
What is that thing no one can find you ever doing?
Prostitution. I am not shading the profession, but I know I can never do it.
Facebook or Instagram?
None of the above, I am not a social media person per se. Just give me WhatsApp, and I am good to go.
If not in Africa, what continent would you have loved to come from
Europe, any part of Europe. Africa and Europe have lots of similarities hence my reason for choosing Europe.
What’s your take on career growth in the hotel industry as it’s perceived to be stunted
I believe that it can be seen to be stunted especially with smaller chain hotels or boutique hotels. This is because, roles are limited and there are only so many rungs of the ladder of leadership and such, only one out of a multitude can move up at any given time