Emmanuel Onyega

Emmanuel Onyega

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What is your favorite Sport?
Can you play the sport?
Yes! Just for fun to keep the body healthy and fit.
EPL or La Liga?
What club do you support and why?
Manchester United. The reason I chose Man United was because of Ronaldo.... the way he plays. He is a very skillful and passionate player. So I got to know more about the club Man United, the fans, and their legacy, I am delighted to be a United fan
Ronaldo or Messi?
Ronaldo as aforementioned
What is your nickname and why are you called that?
Scopie: derived from my zodiac sign Scorpio.
Ancelotti or Pep and why?
Ancelotti. He is the greatest coach of all time, his legacy speaks volumes. He has won Premier League titles, Serial A titles, won Bundesliga, won League One titles as well.
Share with us a lesson you've learned working in a hotel.
Guest Relations, discipline, teamwork, working without no or little supervision, composure, and steeze
How do you ensure cleanliness and maintenance standards are upheld in your work area
Regular disinfecting of food and drinking preparation areas, Eliminating dust by dusting hard surfaces and polishing chrome furniture, Emptying of trash bin. These are some of the measures