John Ebak

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What is your favorite genre of music and why?
Now this is a bit of a headache I must say, I love many fashion designers and in as much as I'm being tempted to mention many, I'll stick to a few and they are... Ralph Lauren, Louis Vuitton, Mai Atafo, etc.
What do you enjoy most about working in the hotel industry?
Well, I get to learn new things every day, meet people of different classes, pick their brains, and get insights from them as well, I derive a sense of joy when I provide solutions to our esteemed guests.
Why did you join the hotel industry?
Joining the hotel industry wasn't my first pick, I didn't even think I'd be a part of this brand but here I am and loving every bit of it.
Would you say formal education is the key in today's Nigeria?
I wouldn't completely agree with this and the reason is purely because education has taken a different turn in Nigeria. If we look at it from another angle people now prefer professional courses over what formal education offers and that's because education here is slowly dying.
What is that unique thing about Lagos?
The unique thing about Lagos is that it is always lively, there's never a dull moment in Lagos, Lagos never sleeps because every day comes with a different kind of vibe, and the adrenaline rush is super crazy up in here, Lagos is like watching an interesting movie that once you blink, you miss out on something important.
What is your dream car?
I've always wanted to get a Toyota Avalon, matter of fact yeah, I said to myself that if I am getting my first car, it's going to be a Toyota Avalon, others can come later but that must be my first.
Rolex or swatch, which do you prefer?
I love simplicity, so Swatch anytime any day, I mean I love Rolex, but Swatch does it for me more.
How do you adapt to changes in hotel procedures or policies?
Well on this one, first of all, I see myself as a brand representing a bigger brand, however, policies or procedures change, and I just have to adapt. Policies and procedures in this industry are not meant or put in place to scare anyone, let me just put this out there, they are meant to help us do our jobs better and see things in a different light. I love that things like this change because it makes me better at what I do, it has helped me over the years and it's still helping me to date, so yes I adapt pretty quickly and easily too on that note. If anyone can not handle slight changes or adapt to procedures or policies, then growth is not their forte.