Muyideen Anifowoshe

Muyideen Anifowoshe

Muyideen Anifowoshe
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What are some of the ways you ensure safety policies are being adhered to?
By having regular training, hazard identification, reporting personal protective equipment (PPE) usage adequately, and giving compliance audits and inspections.
What inspired your love for working with tools?
It started when I was a kid, you know childhood fascination with disassembling and reassembling objects. Enjoy problem-solving and hands-on activities.
If given the chance, what advice would you give your state government on maintenance culture?
To prioritize preventive maintenance, invest in training and equipment as well as encourage a culture of proactive maintenance.
Who is your Greatest of All Time African Footballer?
Didier Drogba (Ivorian and Chelsea legend)
What are the qualities of a successful maintenance person?
Paying maximum attention to details, having problem-solving skills, embodying communication, teamwork, adaptability, and continuous learning.
How do you embody these qualities in your work?
Staying organized and focused, collaborating with teams, pursuing ongoing education and training.
How do you prioritize and organize your maintenance tasks to ensure timely completion and minimal disruption to operations
Create schedules and checklists, assess task urgency and importance, and minimize downtime by planning around operations.
How do you stay updated on industry trends and new technologies in the field of maintenance
Attending conferences and workshops, following industry leaders and publications, and participating in online forums and training.
What motivated you to pursue a career in maintenance?
Desire to solve real-world problems, enjoyment of hands-on work, and opportunity to make a tangible impact.
What do you enjoy most about this field?
Variety of challenges and tasks, sense of accomplishment from completing tasks, opportunities for continuous learning and growth.