Temitope Abikoye

Temitope Abikoye

Sales Executive
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Can we meet you?
I am Temitope Abikoye, a vibrant, young, Southwestern, Nigerian lady, a global entrepreneur in the making, and a Sales Executive at The Wheatbaker. I focus on understanding our guest's unique challenges and providing tailored solutions that meet and exceed their expectations. I’m a firm believer in the power of personalized service. When I’m not working, I enjoy praying, reading, singing, and sharing a drink or two with friends and foes, which helps keep me balanced and motivated. I’m excited about meeting new people, I can be spontaneous, addictive, and impulsive yet I am resilient, tough, and soft at the same time.
⁠Share with us the most exciting thing about you
I'm a lover of good Irish whisky as well as a deep lover of God, a lot of people can not comprehend this, which is fine by me. I am the life of the party, never a dull moment with me but when I am by myself, I soak up the spirit of God, that's how I recharge to face the world. I'm a special breed.
Tell us some of your work rules that are also applicable to your life
Networking and building strong connections are essential in sales. In life, nurturing relationships with family, friends, and colleagues enriches my experiences and support systems. Sales can be challenging, and maintaining a positive attitude helps overcome obstacles. In life, resilience and a positive outlook help navigate through tough times. Recognizing and celebrating achievements, no matter how small, boosts morale and motivation. This practice is just as important in my personal life to stay encouraged and happy. Honesty and transparency build long-term trust with clients. In life, integrity ensures that relationships are genuine and reliable.
Are you an introvert or extrovert?
I believe I am a social butterfly, I guess that makes me an extrovert. I love the outdoors more and I'm outgoing.
What is that thing you can not do without?
Aside from God, I'd say food. I love a good meal, it makes me excited. I eat in moderation though but the thought of food just makes me a happy child, I can't really explain it. I dance when I am munching, you can see the joy on my face, no thanks to my dad for this trait. He is a lover of delicious homemade meals.
What is that thing no one can find you ever doing?
Participating in jungle justice, Never! It is a misplaced priority, an unnecessary transfer of aggression. I can never forget aluu4 even though I didn't witness it but saw the videos made round social media.
Facebook or Instagram?
Instagram!!! Let's say I spend 1hr a day on social media, Instagram has about 40min of it. Instagram is more exciting for me. Next to that is Tiktok.
If not in Africa, what continent would you have loved to come from?
That will be Asia, preferably, Japan. I love orderliness, honesty, and quality, I like respect, innovation, and advancement. These qualities scream Japan. Their skin, fashion, cars, everything about them is unique and wholesome.
What is your take on career growth in the hotel industry as it’s perceived to be stunted
I used to say this but it is not true. The perception of life you focus on is what you will get in life. Your passion for the job will always help to keep you growing. So self-motivation also matters.