Ugochukwu Njoku

Ugochukwu Njoku

Sales Executive
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What is your favorite genre of music and why
I consume different genres at different times and for other emotional needs, but I would say Afro beats to the world.
What is your favorite fashion designer?
I am a Prada boy any day, any time.
What do you enjoy most about working in the hotel industry
The opportunity to meet different people from all walks of life.
Why did you join the hotel industry?
I have always enjoyed organizing to cater to people, I studied for it, so why not excel at it.
Would you say formal education is the key in today's Nigeria?
I would say that while it is crucial, skill acquisition ( which will include the ability to network and connect) is key in today's Nigeria.
What is that unique thing about Lagos?
The uniqueness of Lagos is its natural ability to be the first landing for advancement and technology in Nigeria as it is known for its fast-paced development rate.
What is your dream car?
That will be an all-black Mercedes-AMG GT 53 2022
Rolex or swatch, which do you prefer?
Rolex please, I love things that appreciate with time, no pun intended.
How do you adapt to changes in hotel procedures or policies?
Adaptability is key to survival.
If you were the president of Nigeria, what would you change?
If I were to be the president of Nigeria, I would change our constitution. It needs overhauling.