The Amazing Art of Conversation


There are concepts as ambiguous as the notion of time itself. Amorphous and fluid, we best not try to swallow them whole. The Art of Conversation is one of them.

Being not just about how and when to speak, the Art of Conversation encompasses emotional intelligence, personal style, soul, balance.

Trying to pin it down with actual definitions will be such an injustice (imagine the French without croissants).
art of conversation

The Art Of Conversation

Think about everything gloriously abstract and real about art, conceive in your mind all that communication and conversation entails – merge them – that wonder, thrill, presence of mind and willingness to go with the flow, the explosion of lights and steady flow of a river – if you can even try to make sense of it, you are closer to understanding the Art of Conversation than a kite is to becoming a bird.

art of conversation
Stranger to stranger, kin to kindred, downing whiskey sours or drinking wine – overthink nothing.

With human to human interactions, it is best to keep it real and deep. Keep complications away. Be in your zone, yet, be aware of the other person’s space.

Do not be afraid to use the words that come from within. Flourish in the moment. Seek vibe and meaning. Understand the anythings and everythings.In other words: Light the candle, lead the way.

The Wheatbaker is Lagos’s most iconic hotel. The amazing, art inspired boutique hotel, has fashioned the “art of hospitality” for over a decade