The Golden Don’ts In Lagos Nigeria


Teeming with live and vitality, the city of Lagos is big and loud. Imagine the number of people in the markets, malls, schools, on the streets… that the city is still functional and intact? No doubt, the people are doing many things right (and avoiding a few others too). There are rules to Lagos living — unwritten yet golden, for the survivalist tourist and the long-time indigene. Yes, we know all the right places to be at and the proper fun things to do but what about what not to do?

Don’t be a wall flower

Lagos is bubbling with life. You cannot fade into the background. Bubble with your own life (in your unique way, according to your pace). No? You don’t agree? Prepare to be washed away by the enormous wave of people, then.

Don’t be totally cashless.

The city will throw curveball expenses your way so fast. From the traffic buys to the trouble averter expenses, best be prepared.

Don’t dance in the rain (on the streets).

Forget it. Sure, the heat is smothering but go enjoy the elements elsewhere. Prove headstrong and you’ll have those ‘mustangs on freeway’ commercial bikes to deal with (they are no respecters of enjoyment).

Don’t rely on your generator alone.

What? Never!
Solar panels, inverters, get them all. If one fails, the other will take charge. The power outages are judge and jury. You cannot win.

Don’t play with children that aren’t yours.

Please seek the consent of their parents before you start to tickle cute cheeks. You do not want to be mistaken for a kidnapper!

Don’t assume every vehicle owner is sane.

Sanity has always been a relative term. Therefore, drive like your life depends on it. Check traffic signs for both yourself and other drivers. Colour blindness is not a myth.

Don’t overindulge in street photography.

Enjoy photo walking but be careful not to take pictures of people and their businesses without their knowledge

Don’t forget to eat Suya.

Remember to try it, at least once.
This kebab style hard meaty delicious flatness will rile your taste buds up.

Feeling at home yet?

This is Lagos.