Where the Earth Meets the Sky…


Being intentional about how leisure times are spent has little to do with early reservations and proper enquiries. For the forward thinking fun seeker in tandem with the flow of these very unique times, the environment and communities surrounding objects of enjoyment are taken into careful consideration. Whether you choose to seek shade beneath huge trees or take in the scent of wild plants, experiencing the outdoors provides opportunities to enjoy good times in ways that are completely wholesome, environment friendly, and future saving.

For an eco-friendly (even eco-luxury) day out and about in the city of Lagos (Nigeria), The Lekki Conservation Centre hits the spot. An oasis of green land and fresh air, it is a welcome reprieve from the statutory combination of traffic and concrete walls synonymous with the parts of the city beyond its walls. Home to the longest canopy walkway in Africa (brave the trek, if you dare), the awesomeness of the forest can be experienced from a safe distance.

The birds will call out to each other as you photowalk alone or with family and friends. Move through the marshes and do not miss a step or you’ll rattle the crocodiles (hear, hear – do not be afraid). Expect endless teasing from monkeys as you stop and stare along the path of your chosen tour. Find inspiration for living by listening to the songs on your playlist whilst immersing yourself in the vivid expressions of nature around.

From wildlife lovers to nature buffs and hike enthusiasts – whatever your choice of fulfilment (or refreshment), at the Lekki Conservation Centre, you can go big and green all at once.