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Elevating Return On Experience (ROE) In Luxury Hotels

Generally, Return on Experience is simply a way to measure experience — specifically, the experience clients have with a brand, product, or service. It is a special kind of metric, a way to get a sense of client loyalty (knowing that people will only be loyal to a brand that takes superb care of them). […]

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The Real Hospitality

Truth is, a thing cannot be mastered if it is not understood. None can claim to be a professional of hotel management without first understanding what the business of hotels is all about. People like to go on and on about the industry aspect of it but the actual fact is: hospitality is an adjective […]

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Interview with Rekia Musa

1. How do you balance work and life? Work, like raising a child or holidaying with family or getting a degree is an aspect of my life. When, I’m at work, I’m intentional about the work and all that it entails and so also when I’m about other aspects of my life. It’s all about […]

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The Art of Hospitality

At its root, hospitality is simply the generous reception and entertainment of guests. It is a concept that encapsulates comfort, rest, pleasurable experiences and sensory delight. Digging deeper – to a point where the culture of hospitality is to be examined, you’ll find that it definitely goes beyond just catering to the needs of guests. […]

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Where the Earth Meets the Sky…

Being intentional about how leisure times are spent has little to do with early reservations and proper enquiries. For the forward thinking fun seeker in tandem with the flow of these very unique times, the environment and communities surrounding objects of enjoyment are taken into careful consideration. Whether you choose to seek shade beneath huge […]

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Do you want a luxurious hotel to stay in any time soon?

Love staying at hotels but find them all too ordinary? Think of the Wheatbaker. The Art Boutique Hotel in Lagos, Nigeria. Find out what makes us one of the best boutique hotels in Lagos. We promise it will be an experience you’ll never forget. Are you looking for a place of refreshment and relaxation? Introduce […]

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The Wheatbaker Spa

Tucked away in the heart of residential lkoyi is one of Lagos Island’s best kept relaxation secrets – The Wheatbaker Spa. You are welcomed into the Spa by the inviting, calming scent of lemongrass which adds to the ambience of calm and serenity. The professional therapists offer an extensive range of health and beauty products […]

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